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The Den Provides instruments for students to play on during class time. For at home practice, students should eventually have access to their own instrument and stereo gear.

Recommended Materials

  • Metromome
  • Practice Pad - 10” or 12” - various brands according to budget
  • Drum sticks - Vic Firth 5A or 5B wood tip
  • Spiral bound note book
  • Pro Mark Lighting Rods
  • Music Stand

Please bring Lighting rods, drum sticks, note book, and assigned curriculum to all private lessons.

Please contact me if you have any questions about purchasing a drum set.


Drum Jams: Group drum jams are offerd through out the year. These drum jams are free to all Music Lesson Den students and 10.00 for all non Music Lesson Den Students. These Jams can be used for make up lesson times, holiday make ups or just plain fun and educational. All instruments provided. You may bring your own if you would like.

I am a big supporter of local music stores: Dunkley Music, Welch Music, Dorsey music.

Cindy Adams 2012