Studio Policy

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Music Lesson Den Studio Policies


Tuition is a Flat rate of 125.00 per month. This is the minimum. I do not charge by the lesson, rather the month. This means that there is no discount for missed lessons. Tuition is due on or before the first lesson of each month. Tuition is non-refundable. Each student is scheduled for a specific weekly time slot. Your payment reserves that time slot. I accept cash or checks and all major credit cards.

Cancelled Lessons

If a lesson must be missed, a 24 hour notice must be given in order to be eligible for a make up lesson. Due to a full schedule, I can not guarantee a make up time slot. Make up lessons do not carry over to the next month. No payment credit will be provided for missed lessons.

Student Responsibilities

The student agrees to arrive at each lesson punctually, well prepared, and with all necessary materials. In order to progress satisfactorily, FULL practice is necessary. FULL practice consists of five to six days of practice each week and completion of assignments per the teacher's instruction.

Parental Responsibilities

Parents are welcome to attend lessons at any time. Please check your child's notebook weekly for assignment details. Parental support is a must for a child's musical growth. To help your child develop self-discipline and good practice habits, set aside a regular time for practice each day (this can be done all at once or divided into two or more daily practice sessions). Younger children especially need help with their practicing. The parent is to provide an instrument in the best possible condition, a metronome, and a place allowing quiet and uninterrupted practice. Be helpful, interested and supportive!

Teacher Responsibilities

The teacher will provide a positive, supportive, and enthusiastic atmosphere for learning. The teacher will continue to further their teaching skills and music knowledge by attending workshops, reading professional publications, and engaging in other activities leading to professional growth.


There will be several opportunities for student performances throughout the year. 

Out of courtesy to the other performers at these events, please plan to stay for the entire event. It shows great respect to the dedication of all performers to listen to the achievements of others.